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Move-Out/Move-In Cleaning

Our Move-Out Cleaning Services will leave the place you’re leaving look even better than it did when you moved in. We will clean kitchens appliances, clean out cabinets, sinks & countertops, scrub toilets & bathtubs, wipe down baseboards, vaccum and sweep all floors, etc.

Apartment Cleaning

While individual condo owners are responsible for the maintenance of their own spaces, the common areas within the building must be cleaned to a high standard to ensure they remain clean, safe and attractive for residents and visitors.

Industrial Warehouse Cleaning

In your plant or industrial facility, we clean floors, restrooms, surfaces and common areas, labs, locker rooms, loading docks, warehouses and a variety of flooring types. Our cleaning pros pay close attention to using the right tools and cleaning process to accomplish the end results.

J&J Express Cleaning Services

We Will make absolutely:

Any place clean, neat and tidy!

J&J Express Cleaning Services is not intimidated by any job. We’re ready to clean up your house or warehouse with an astounding and acute precision. We’ll leave your premises sparkling clean and smelling all nice and fresh.

In fact, our Quality/Price Ratio is so consistent. For years, our team of cleaning professionals has provided an unparalleled level of cleaning services to this area and nearby cities.

It’s also important to add that per your request and based on the scale of the clean up project, we will even organize a trip to another area location to take care of your cleaning project.

Using our professional and ecologically friendly services, all of our customers will be able to enjoy an absolutely amazing level of crystal clear, snow white sparkling, crispy clean!

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What we have done

J&J Express Cleaning Service Work In Images! I just want to share with you some images of the work we have done in he past. You will see on these images the before and after of our work. These images can show you our attention to details and commitment to create a clean and healthy…


Welcome to our new website

Welcome to J&J Express Cleaning Services’ new website! We are very happy to introduce our new website. This is now our home online. We invite you to explore and learn more about us. On this website, you can submit a request for an instant quote. You can also call us to book an appointment by…

J&J Express Cleaning Services

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J&J Express Cleaning Services - Tedtimonials (Latrice Hommer)J&J Express Cleaning Services is simply the best. Accept no substitutions. If you want it done right the first time, you want J&J Express Cleaning Services. They are THE REAL DEAL!

Latrice Hommer Home Owner

J&J Express Cleaning Services - Tedtimonials (Wendy Peacock)I strongly recommend J&J Express Cleaning Company because they are reliable and on-time.

They clean the areas that other cleaning companies that I have used in the past do not cover. I was surprise to see the areas that they clean.

Wendy Peacock Residential Customer

J&J Express Cleaning Services - Tedtimonials (Dontori Brown)J&J Express Cleaning Services is a vital company that provides great work at affordable prices and they are my number speed dial number for cleaning my house.

Dontori Brown Residential Customer

J&J Express Cleaning Services - Tedtimonials (Christina Grice)I am Christina and I am basically an organized hoarder that keeps a lot of things in my home so I can sell them off for the next year. I will refer customers to J&J Express Cleaning Services in a heart beat because they have cleaned my home and organized my things for some time now and it has been a pleasant experience every time.

Not only they are professional, but they are also very friendly and they aren’t judgmental at all. In the contrary, they actually helped me open up to my hoarding problem and taught me how to call it something positive instead of looking at it like it’s a negative thing.

They aren’t just my favorite cleaning company to call on when I need organization in my home, but they are like my family because they will help me if I want their help.

Christina Grice Residential Customer

J&J Express Cleaning Services - Tedtimonials (Tasha Allwood)J&J Express Cleaning Services is a good company. They did a good job cleaning my friend’s office and house. They are very reliable.

Tasha Allwood Residential & Business Customer